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Protected: Custom 3 batteries zaka Part 1 of 2

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What is the cost of solar in Zimbabwe 2023 CategoriesSolar Installation Solar Panels

Factors tenants need to consider when installing solar on rented property

Implementing solar panels on a rented property involves a few considerations due to the property not being owned by the…

Why you should insure your solar system CategoriesSolar Installation Solar Panels

9 reasons why you should insure your home solar system

Insuring your home solar system can be a smart decision for several reasons: Protection Against Damage: Home solar systems are…

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Kundai Chitima has been appointed KumbaDirect Brand Ambassador

KumbaDirect proudly announces its new brand ambassador, Kundai Chitima. Kundai  is a renowned figure in content creation and brings a…

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How to get started using solar: 8 points to consider

To get started using solar energy, we have broken this into 8 easy to follow points. You can follow these…

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What not to run on solar

Are you planning on getting solar and wondering what appliances and items you should get the solar to power.  Whether…

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What is a Borehole Yield Test and Why Is it Important?

What is Borehole Yield Testing and why it is important? Borehole Yield testing is the process whereby a borehole is…

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Can you run a successful chicken farm without electricity?

With the current Zimbabwe power cuts and the fact that most emerging farmers are in remote and emerging farming areas…

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Which one is better? Solar panels installed on the roof vs on ground.

While rooftop solar arrays are the most common choice for homeowners, there are many reasons to consider a ground-mounted solar…

Simba Rwambiwa - BBC Apprentice Candidate 2023: Phot BBC CategoriesZimbabwe Diaspora News

Meet the Zimbabwean born, UK based BBC Apprentice Candidate set to win £250k investment

A sales rep from Birmingham is hoping to win the £250,000 investment on this year’s BBC Apprentice. Simba Rwambiwa, 27,…