Can you run a successful chicken farm without electricity?

Solar powered chicken farm

With the current Zimbabwe power cuts and the fact that most emerging farmers are in remote and emerging farming areas with no access to grid power, farmers and farmers-to-be would be asking the question ‘Can you run a chicken farm without electricity?’ The answer is ‘absolutely yes, a chicken farm that operates without electricity is possible, and one of the ways to do so is through the use of solar energy. Power can be generated by solar panels harnessing energy from solar and converting it into electricity. This can in turn be used to power various farm activities.


One of the most important aspects of a chicken farm is lighting. Chickens require a certain amount of light to stimulate their activity and promote growth. Solar-powered LED lights can be installed in the chicken coops and throughout the farm to provide the necessary lighting.


Chickens need a constant supply of clean water, which can be provided through a solar-powered watering system. The system can be designed to collect and store rainwater, and the solar panels can be used to power the pumps that distribute the water to the chickens.


Another important aspect of a chicken farm is proper ventilation. Solar-powered fans can be installed in the coops to provide fresh air and maintain optimal temperatures.


In colder climates, chickens may need to be heated to keep them comfortable. Solar-powered heating systems can be installed in the coops to provide warmth and maintain the chickens’ health.

Feeder Systems 

Solar-powered feeder system can be installed to provide chickens with food on a regular basis. The system can be designed to dispense food automatically, and the solar panels can be used to power the motors that drive the feeder.

Egg Collection

Solar-powered egg collection systems can be installed to collect eggs from the coops and transport them to a central location for storage and processing.

Having looked at the above, solar can be an essential aspect of a chicken farm especially where power cuts are rampant or where the farms are in remote areas that are off-grid. The function to which power from solar can be used on a chicken farm are endless, for example lighting, watering, ventilation, heating, feeding, and egg collection.


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