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Protected: Custom 3 batteries zaka Part 1 of 2

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What is a Borehole Yield Test and Why Is it Important?

What is Borehole Yield Testing and why it is important? Borehole Yield testing is the process whereby a borehole is…

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Can you run a successful chicken farm without electricity?

With the current Zimbabwe power cuts and the fact that most emerging farmers are in remote and emerging farming areas…

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Which one is better? Solar panels installed on the roof vs on ground.

While rooftop solar arrays are the most common choice for homeowners, there are many reasons to consider a ground-mounted solar…

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Zimbabwean man sees snow for the first time since joining wife in UK

This is the wholesome moment a Zimbabwean man sees snow for the first time after moving to the UK. Footage…

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Difference between a gravity and pressure solar geyser – What you should know before buying your next solar geyser

Read this before you buying your next solar geyser – What is the difference between a high pressure often referred…

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PRODUCT HIGHLIGHT: What you need to know about the 224 Litre Solar Hybrid Chest Freezer at KumbaDirect

ABOUT THE SOLAR HYBRID 224 LITRE FREEZER AT KUMBADIRECT The 224 Litre Chest Freezer at KumbaDirect is called a Hybrid.…