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Do solar panels generate power on cloudy days?

KumbaDirect Solar Panels on a cloudy day

Solar panels have the ability to make use of both visible light and infrared light in order to create usable electricity:

  • Even during very overcast days, visible light still gets through rain and clouds. Infrared light too gets through as it has longer wavelengths than the visible spectrum does.

Even if solar panels only used ultraviolet light, they would still be able to generate electricity during cloudy days. And, the generated usable electricity will be sufficient to power electrical equipment such as TV and lights for a reasonable number of hours. It will also depend on the size of the solar system too.

How the ‘Edge-of-Cloud-Effect’ can produce more solar power on a cloudy day than a sunny day

It is possible to exceed your solar system’s power rating and produce more power than you could on a sunny day. Known as the “edge of cloud” effect, this happens when the sun passes over the outer edge of a cloud, magnifying the sunlight. The intense light causes the solar system to boost power output temporarily, which can help balance out losses from full cloud cover. At, we typically select system components that can handle temporary power boosts of this nature.

The question remains- do solar panels work on a cloudy day?

Yes, they definitely do. When clouds cover the sun, the solar system doesn’t stop producing power. It just reduces the output of energy. The thicker the clouds, the less power the system will produce. Yet, when the sun shines through the clouds, solar panels still get direct sunlight plus light reflected from the clouds.

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