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To help get a Solar Package that most suits you, we would need to carry out an assessment looking at the appliances, their wattage and usage.  This is an essential step which ensures you get the solar most suited and adequate for your needs. 

Yes, once your application is approved and you have paid a deposit, we would go and install. We install 14 days after your approval and deposit payment. 

If you are buying cash, we would go and install [within 7 days. 

Payment Methods

You can pay with Paypal, Card. You can also pay with Klarna in up to 36 equal payments. Credit and repayment period will depend on your eligibility. To check this, open your Account with KumbaDirect, and whilst you are logged in, go and click on the product you are interested in, it will show you your repayment period and deposit amounts. If you want more than one product, add your products to basket. The repayment and deposit amount will show at the basket or checkout level,  

If it’s a cash payment, you have to pay the full amount before we can deliver. If you are buying on credit, we will go and install after your first instalment or after you pay just the deposit. 

Order status

We provide with an expected delivery or installation date at the time of purchase. We will update a day before to confirm delivery or installation. This helps you to arrange for someone to be at home when our team arrives.