Kumoja.com Terms and Conditions. 

  1. Buying

By browsing and placing an order on our website, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions of sale herein. 

2. The Process 

The process is as follows (1) Load & usage assessment  (2) Placing order  (3) Slot date allocation (4)  Installation (5) Post-installation Assessment (6) Follow-up call or message to check all is working well. 

3. Installation & Slot dates

3.1 Slot dates are allocated according to the Kumoja installation schedule. If your allocated day/s is not suitable, we will allocate a date suitable to you depending on availability of slots. 

3.2 Due to the nature of the work involved, we operate a flexi-slot system, where the slot date may be adjusted +/- 2 days.  Depending on whether further work needs to be done, installation may exceed more than 1 day and usually up to a week if there are unresolved issues or as many days as the solution requires within reason. 

3.3 If customer is advised of installation date and they are not at the premises, we will reschedule another slot day/s. There will be an additional transport cost equivalent to the original transport cost or as advised at time of slot re-allocation.

3.4 If customer does not give installation team access to the premises to enable them to do their work, we will reschedule and you will be required to pay any additional transport costs. Persistent denial of access will result in cancellation of of sale. 

3.5 Customers can request to change installation dates by contacting our customer service on +44 77634 98401 not less than a day before installation. For example, if installation flexi-date is given as Wednesday 12 Feb / Thursday 13 Feb, the last date that the customer can request for a slot date change is Tuesday 11 Feb. 

3.6 Customer will not interfere with installation, neither invite third parties to work on an ongoing installation or on a system still under Warranty. Getting third parties to work on installation under Warranty without express consent from Kumoja will invalidate Warranty. 

3.7 Our teams will take images and videos of the installation done, for our record keeping, proof of delivery and installation. Additional pictures and videos also for promotional purposes, 


4. Additional Costs

There are additional costs which are not part of the standard package costs, and which should be paid by customer as soon as they arise to enable work to go on. These are paid in cash and cannot be on credit. 

4.1 Transport cost depending on location 

4.2 Accommodation and boarding depending on whereabouts

4.3 Unforeseen costs arising to make it possible to do an efficient and functional  installation. Examples may include welding, wiring , roof realignments or tilted angles for solar optimisation, extra cords, enhancing materials and equipment like VSDs,  etc. 

4.4 Or any other that may arise. 


5. Support

5.1 You get free support for the first 2 months after commissioning, aka Works Sign-off.

5.2 You are responsible for transport and accommodation, if needed for the support.

5.3 You will be allocated a flexi-slot support date according to slot availability. Where remote support is possible, this is the first option. 

5.4 Support customer service number is +44 77634 98401 or email solar@kumoja.com . Communication through any other channels or to Installers regarding complaints, or any other solar issues would not be logged into the system and may not be attended to, as the only formal channel for communicating issues arising is Customer Service. 

5.5 Business hours are Monday to Friday 10.00am to 8pm, 

5.6 After Works Note signing, your point of contact for issues with the solar installation system is our Customer Service reachable on +44 77634 98401 or our email address solar@kumoja.com . Issues raised through other contacts, even contacts within the company, would not be logged into the system and any work done without knowledge or express authorisation by Kumoja Customer Service would affect Warranty.

6. Cancellation 

6.1  Customers can request to cancel installation and reverse the sale within 14 days of final installation whether sign-off / Delivery note has been signed or not.  In the event of cancellation, we will uninstall. Conditions for cancellation

  • Not happy with installation
  • Non-working system

6.2 Components must be in their original state, not tempered with functional as installed. Accessories that cannot be reused, Labour, Transport and Admin cost are non-refundable. 

6.3 For solar packages bought by cash, refund will be processed within 28 working days. For packages bought on credit, terms and conditions of credit agreement apply. 

6.4  In the event of cancellation and the subsequent uninstallation, Kumoja is not liable for any additional expenses arising out of the uninstallation thereof incurred by customers outside the direct costs of the solar. 

6.5  Kumoja reserves the right to cancel order, cancel installation or request uninstallation, within 60 days of Post-Installation Assessment/ Commission. Cancellation could be due any reason, but not limited to the below;  

  • non-payment of additional costs required to complete the e.g. transport costs
  • Customer failure to service credit where credit is availed
  • Suspected fraud 
  • Suspected site and other sire related underlying issues that could affect system.
  • Where installers feel threatened physically and verbally and we have reason to believe that is so. 
  • Customer complaints about service which amount to Kumoja concluding cancelling is the best option for both parties.
  • Where Kumoja concludes there could be problems in the long run, either with installation or customer relationship. 
  • Customer denying Installers access to installation site or site inaccessible due to bad roads or other physical inhibitions
  • Customer requests and insists on getting installations done with more than what was agreed on or where Kumoja conclude they cannot meet customer expectations. 
  • Components are out of stock with no restocking date in place
  • Package bought not suitable to power solar needs, as assessed. 
  • A package update is in progress 


7. Payment Options

(i) Buy cash through Paypal. 

(ii) Pay in instalments through Klarna

  • Pay 10% deposit and balance in up to 36 months. Available to buyers living in France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Sweden and the UK. 

(iii) Do lay-bye in up to 4 months with Shinex Solar 

  • Minimum order value for lay-byes is £2300. All amounts should be paid by end of the 4 months. If full amount is not paid, we will refund full amount paid to date less 10% of full order value  (admin fee). When fully paid, you will pay transport cost, and we go and install.
  • No interest accrues to you for amounts paid towards lay-bye. 
  • Initial payment of at least 25% should be paid followed by subsequent payments of at least 25% every 30 days. Failure to pay within the stipulated times, will result in order cancellation, refund of amounts paid, less 10% admin costs. 
  • Customer cannot change item purchased, nor quantities mid-term. If no longer needed, option is to cancel, with 10% admin costs deducted from refund amount, and place a new order. 

8. Complaints Procedure

8.1 In the event that you have a complain, in the first instance, contact us on WhatsApp +44 77634 98401. We will try to resolve your issue. However, after getting a response, and are not satisfied with the response,  please do so in writing,  with subject heading ‘COMPLAINT’ to hello@kumoja.com   We will look into your complaint and give a written response. 

9. Installation photographs and videos

Before , during or after the installation, Kumoja has the right to photograph or do videos of the installation and any other related, for marketing and testimonial purposes. For privacy, customer has a right to refuse to visually appear on camera on the videos or photographs. Kumoja 100% owns the content, and customer has no right to the content nor to it’s usage, nor rights to any purposed revenue generated from using such content by Kumoja and its associates.  Content use is but not limited to record keeping, showcasing projects portfolio, promotions, teaching, marketing etc. 

10. Customer Responsibility

10.1 It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure that the site, roof and wall conditions are suitable for solar installation. Where conditions are not suitable, we allow a maximum of 7 days for customer to rectify the situation before we cancel order.

10.2 It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure there is suitable and adequate space for the installation (Space for panels, battery , inverter or any other required installation). There should be enough space, strong roof , suitable walls, suitable shading  (no obstructions). 

10.3 As a renewable energy as opposed to Grid power, solar is affected by how overcast the outlook is. Therefore it is the responsibility of the customer to responsibly optimise weather conditions and usage. Our installers give tips on best practice. 

10.4 Customer confirms that they have provided correct and true information regarding loads and usage at Solar Assessment stage. As the recommended package depends on the information you provide, Kumoja is not responsible for problems arising as a result of customer knowingly or recklessly giving Kumoja information that is untrue, deceptive  or misleading regarding load and usage for the solar. Providing untrue, deceptive or misleading information at assessment stage will invalidate Warranty or purchase cancellation with costs. 

10.5 It is the responsibility of the customer to take care and protect their solar system from damage and theft. The customer has a responsibility to protect their solar system from theft and take the necessary protection measures including taking relevant insurance against such damage or theft. Although some packages come with anti-theft clamps on panels, anti-theft clamps may act as a deterrent and are not a guarantee that theft would not happen. Take a scenario where a house has burgle y bars, burgler bars in this instance are a deterrent and not an assurance a burglary cannot happen. Your insurance company may take anti-theft clamps into consideration when calculating your insurance premiums, and possibly reduce your premiums,

11. Warranties and Guarantees

  • Warranty is valid for 12 months on the solution
  • Components are replaced for free after conditions of operations are established and established that it is equipment fault.
  • Guarantees summary (subject to inspection and lab testing). Supplier warranty extended to client. Terms and conditions apply.

– 12 months on electricals: Inverters, charger controllers, batteries etc
– 5 years on solar panels

  • Kumoja is not responsible for problems arising as a result of customer providing untrue or misleading information regarding load and usage for the solar. Providing untrue or misleading information at assessment stage will invalidate Warranty. 

12. Customer understands how solar works

12.1 The customer understands solar power is weather -dependent. It is possible for some solar energy still be collected during cloudy and rainy days, but that is not always the case, therefore the efficiency of the solar system drops. Kumoja is not liable for any inefficiencies of the system as a result of overcast weather. 

12.2 It is the responsibility of the customer to apply best solar practice in order to optimise system efficiency. For example, switching on heavy loads like boreholes pumps during day when sun is out, avoiding using heavy usage appliances at one time  etc. 

13. Help us, help you

At Kumoja, we always do our best to help our customers. Please help us to help you by treating our teams with the same kindness and respect you would expect from us. Together, there is progress.