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What is a Borehole Yield Test and Why Is it Important?

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What is Borehole Yield Testing and why it is important?

Borehole Yield testing is the process whereby a borehole is subjected to pumping under controlled test conditions in order to determine its performance characteristics.
A borehole yield is the volume of water that can be abstracted from a borehole.

Why is the borehole yield important?

It is important not to over-pump the borehole in order not to induce saline intrusion, encrustation, excess lowering of the water table or piezo-metric surface, or borehole failure.
This is the maximum rate of abstraction from the borehole and can be expressed as l/s, m3/hr, m3/d or m3/a.

A Yield test will help determine the correct pump size to install. An example scenario is where a yield test has not been done, and a 1.5hp pump is installed where a 0.5hp should have been. That 1.5hp will just run for a few minute, maybe 5minutes or so and in common terms, finish all the water underneath. But with the correct pump you can run your borehole without the borehole running dry after every few minutes if its correctly sized

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