Which one is better? Solar panels installed on the roof vs on ground.

Ground mounted solar panels

Rooftop solar installations are restricted by the characteristics of the roof on which they are installed. If your roof isn’t at the right angle, , or has obstructions like trees, hills or skylights, then your solar will be less productive. On the other hand, ground-mounted solar panels can be located wherever the conditions are best.

Ground mounted solar panels
Ground mounted solar panels

2 things to consider


Ground mounted solar cost a bit more than roof installed panels. This is because there are more materials and labour required for the installation. To find out more, get details from who are experts in both roof and ground installed panels


Solar panels are o PV systems appreciate shade, and of course they are much more likely to be overshadowed when down on the ground than up high on rooftops. This is another reason why you need quite a lot of space to fit in a ground mount, as there must be sufficient distance between the panels and any surrounding trees or buildings to avoid shading.

The pros and cons of ground-mounted vs roof solar panels

If you’re considering a ground-mounted solar system over a rooftop system, you’ll want to be aware of the benefits and drawbacks associated with these systems. Ultimately, your decision will depend on your needs and what parameters you and your solar provider have to work within.

Solar panels mounted on roof
Solar panels mounted on roof


Pros of roof mounted solar panels:

  • Lower cost than ground mount
  • Requires less racking and less installation
  • Utilises otherwise unused space

Cons of roof mounted solar panels:

  • Difficult to access for maintenance or repair
  • Roof pitch, angle and shape can interfere with optimum setup
  • Space constraints can limit generation potential
  • Not everyone likes the look of roof mounted panels

If your roof is of a sufficient size, angled in the right direction, has no awkward shapes, pitch or features, roof mounted solar panels work well. They are cheaper and easier to install and use space that is otherwise underutilised. It’s an efficient use of that space, which is why so many properties use roof mounting.

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Ground Mounted Solar Panels

Ground mounted panels allow you to have control of the angle and orientation of the panels to optimize the output. A ground mounted solar system allows this to be adjusted more freely to suit the purpose. It can also be cheaper on a small scale or where access to a roof is costly or obstructed. Ground mounted panels also operate at a lower temperature than roof mounted which can mean a difference of up to 25% more efficiency.

Pros of ground mounted solar panels:

  • Easy to access and maintain
  • Stronger racking and support
  • Can be oriented to the perfect angle
  • Not restricted so the size of the roof

Cons of ground mounted solar panels:

  • Installation can take longer and cost more
  • Requires more complex racking and support
  • Uses valuable outdoor space
  • Unobstructed view of the sky can be harder to achieve

If you have the land with unobstructed views of the sky, a ground mounted solar installation is an excellent choice. It can be oriented exactly, be easily maintained and work very efficiently. It would also work well if you plan to expand your solar  at any point in the future. Roof space is limited while land may not be quite so finite.


The type of installation you finally choose would depend on your personal circumstances and what you want to achieve.

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