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Why your home solar system should have a solar protection kit

KumbaDirect Solar Protection Kit

Setting up a solar system is a good investment especially in these times of rising energy costs and rampant power cuts. The unique nature of the solar panels installations and inverters make them vulnerable to overvoltage surges from lightning strikes and static discharges. The core challenge is protecting these installations against direct and indirect lightning strikes which present a high risk of causing damage. It is easy to overlook some basic fundamentals, and we would like to look at why you need a solar protection kit for your solar system.

Having a solar protection kit is an essential for any solar system. Here are the benefits of having a solar protections system

  • Protects against voltage fluctuations between high and low voltage.
  • Protects against lightning strikes
  • Protects invertors from overloading
  • Enables easy bypass of inverter if fault occurs
KumbaDirect Solar Protection Kit
Solar Protection Kit for protection against voltage surges and lightning


Because it’s an integral part of any solar installation and system, no installation should be done without a protection kit. In the name of cutting costs, many customers opt to have their solar installation without protection kits. This can actually be costly in the event the unthinkable happens. That is why as a responsible solar supplier, KumbaDirect’s solar packages, no matter how small or big, come with a protection kit as a standard. See all home solar packages on is the easy way to buy solar from the diaspora.

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