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Zimbabwean born, West London nurse who started as hospital cleaner named UK’s ‘best nurse’


Dorcas Gwata works at St Mary’s Hospital A&E helping young people involved in gun and knife crime

nurse dorcas gwata
Dorcas Gwata helps young people get away from a life of knife and gun crime


A nurse from North West London who started her career in the NHS age 21 as a hospital cleaner has been named the ‘best nurse’ in the UK. Dorcas Gwata, 52, who works as a psychiatric liaison nurse at St Mary’s Hospital A&E, won the Best Nurse category in recognition of her work supporting young people involved in gangs and knife crime.

Dorcas’ work looked at how knife crime is influenced by poverty and race. After working in her home country in Zimbabwe helping people become more engaged in mental health services, she says she applied what she had learnt when back in London. She told The Sun: “I didn’t work in an office – I’d wear trainers and jeans and engage with people wherever they were – in McDonald’s, on street corners or in prison.

Zimbabwean born nurse, Dorcas Gwata who started as a hospital cleaner named UK’s ‘best nurse’


Upon receiving the award, at The Sun’s Who Cares Wins awards hosted by Davina McCall which took place earlier this week and aired on Channel 4 last on November 27, Dorcas said she thanked NHS cleaners who are “too often invisible and voiceless”.

She told MyLondon: “Somewhere in London tonight a young man is frightened, he is trapped in a gang and he is carrying a knife for what he feels is for his safety. Somewhere in London a young girl is traumatised, she maybe self harming or thinking of taking her life. I want these young people to know that there are nurses like me who care about them deeply.

“I want to thank all my patients who I have looked after, they shared their vulnerability and strength and they made me the nurse I am today. I share this award with thousands of migrant nurses and midwives who come to this great country to work and support their families back home. I share it with thousands of hospital cleaners who are in our midst, too often invisible and voiceless.

“I love being a nurse, it’s a great honour to service our communities, I would do it all again. Thank you for this honourable award, thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

Story taken from West London nurse who started as hospital cleaner named UK’s ‘best nurse’ – MyLondon . See full story there. 




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